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We are based in Melrose Park and serve the greater Chicago region, including Oak Park, River Forest, Park Ridge, Morton Grove, Elmhurst, Niles, Glenview, and more.

Update your bathroom with custom cabinets from the experts at City Millwork.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Without adequate storage, you may struggle to keep it organized. Our handcrafted bathroom cabinets provide the perfect solution.

We offer custom bathroom cabinetry to get more out of your available space. With newly built bathroom cabinets, you can completely alter the look and use of your bathroom.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets for Increased Value and Function

Why install custom bathroom cabinets instead of purchasing pre-assembled cabinets? Stock cabinets and assembled cabinets provide a one-size-fits-most option. They may not take advantage of the shape or size of your bathroom.

Custom cabinetry can accommodate any bathroom as the cabinets are designed and handcrafted from scratch to meet your requirements. This leads to many benefits, including:

● Cabinets that are built to last

● Optimal storage solutions

● Complete personalization

Stock cabinets are mass-produced, often with cost-effective materials and parts. You may notice that the drawers start to stick over time or that the doors don’t quite line up properly. Our custom bathroom cabinets are built to last for decades to come, thanks to carefully fitted parts and our detailed handcrafted cabinet-making process.

Bathrooms are often small rooms crowded with plumbing fixtures and storage areas. Replacing the cabinets allows you to optimize the storage space and floor plan. Give yourself more room to walk around the tub or sink while adding more storage or your bathroom items.

With complete personalization, you have greater control over the design of the cabinets. You can add tall cabinets or narrow cabinets to fit tight spots or add shelving for specific bathroom gadgets. The choices are endless.

Why Choose City Millwork for Your Custom Bathroom Cabinets?

Over the past decade, we have completed projects for a wide range of customers, designing new cabinets and other features for residential and commercial customers. We are based in Melrose Park, Illinois and provide our services throughout the state.

Custom bathroom cabinets are just one example of how we can help revitalize your living space. Contact us for custom kitchen cabinets and other woodworking projects, from new hardwood flooring to custom libraries or studies.

We stand out from the competition by focusing on your needs. We work with your schedule and budget to come up with designs that match your style and preferences.

Call or email us today to learn more about custom bathroom cabinets.